Sustainable Only.

Sustainability Shouchai
Sustainability Shouchai

We integrate sustainability into every part of the business. Have peace of mind that Shouchai actively seeks out ways to be more sustainable.

Sustainability Shouchai

Sustainability in a Bottle

Shouchai’s Founders kept sustainability at the core of the business when it was built. We believe that businesses can run in a manner that is not damaging, perhaps even sustainable in our environment. Shouchai Kombucha is always looking for techniques and suggestions to improve our business for the environment, but it starts from Day 0. Read what we have already implemented below.

Glass Bottles

We made the conscious decision of using glass bottles so that you can reuse them as you like. Glass can be recycled making it more environementally friendly than plastic bottles.


If you have previously ordered our Kombucha, you can pass the empty bottles to our delivery person to recycle them! Let's empower your choices to recycle. Contact us for more details.

Repurposed Packaging

The packaging you receive our bottles in are a bio-degradable woven material that can be reused over and over again. We also ship our bottles in the boxes they came in, reducing materials used.

Have an interesting idea?

If you have an idea that you think we can benefit from, please write in to us with our feedback form! We will be in touch with you on your idea and its feasibility. All ideas are welcomed:)