Our Brewery

Every bottle is carefully brewed and bottled by hand at the Shouchai Kombucha Brewery. Our recipe has been refined over countless brews to bring you the best in each bottle.

Kombucha for All

At Shouchai Kombucha Brewery, our goal is to sustainably share our love for affordable artisanal Kombucha. We hope that you will be able to integrate this probiotic drink into your daily life, boosting your gut health! 

We are committed to integrating sustainability.

Every bottle you buy is a result of careful consideration for the environment. But we are always looking to do better.

The Process

Our Kombucha is slow-brewed in large glass jars. The aromatic black tea is first brewed from premium tea leaves before adding the SCOBY! 

The jars are maintained in a specific micro-climate in order to control the rate of fermentation. Our Kombucha assimilates with fresh fruits and ingredients naturally. So is the carbonation within the bottle and on your tongue.  No artificial additives are used in the fermentation process. Fret not, we take care of all the inconviences to provide you an invigorating brew

The Brewers

Meet the team brought Shouchai to life.

Shouchai Kombucha, Best Artisanal Kombucha in Singapore

Venice Tan

Master Brewer & General Manager

Shouchai Kombucha, Best Artisanal Kombucha in Singapore

Vincent Tan


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