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Shouchai Kombucha Singapore

We specialise in sustainably brewing premium artisanal Kombucha made with tropical fruits at affordable prices. This is the place to find natural yet nutritional Kombucha in Singapore. 

-Shouchai Kombucha-

Kombucha is the exciting alterative to unhealthy sugar-loaded soft drinks or the tasteful replacement to alcohol. Integrate Kombucha in your life and treat your gut to probiotics! 

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Read about the health benefits of Kombucha. It ain’t all pseudo-science.

What is Scoby?
What are its health benefits?         

How does Shouchai make sure every bottle made is ecofriendly? Check out our recycling scheme!

Our Brewery

Here at Shouchai Kombucha Singapore, we believe that your gut is the first line of defence. So you should treat your defence with Shouchai’s Kombucha. 

From brewing to bottling Shoucha’s Kombucha has been made with care and love from our brewers for the environment and our scoby. What’s better than a environmentally conscious health drink to boost your gut health?

Our Kombucha Flavours

Take your pick of our refreshing flavours.

Booch Connoissuers

Don’t take it from us. Read what people who have joined the Booch Gang have to say.

" Your Kombucha is really good!!! Give me some free bottlesss. "

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Pauline Sim
" The Kombucha is actl REALLY good leh. Like those kinds you get in the store but no too fizzy that it hurts your tongue and it taste rly refreshing !! "
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Jaclyn Gian
" Bruh, sedap bro"

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Vishnu Chowdury

Interested? Try a bottle of our Kombucha:)

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